Providing storage services successfully since 1950.

Self-Storage Vault

185,000 square feet of modern, fire-proof storage

Self-storage vaults are available in multiple sizes, up to 4,000 sq. feet. Each self-storage vault holds up to two rooms of furniture. You can rent multiple vaults if you desire. Climate controlled rooms are available to protect your wine, art, antique collectibles or other items that might be damaged by temperature changes.

We also provide fire proof warehousing to protect your valuables and documentation. Self-storage vaults provide the greatest access to your valuables.

On-site Full Service Moving and Storage

Sealed and stacked storage vaults

Callahan Brothers provides full service moving, packing and storage of containers. Callahan will professionally load the containers to prevent damage and to keep all items free from dust and dirt. These storage vaults are then sealed and stacked inside the warehouse. Standard storage containers are 5 feet deep by 7 feet wide and 7½ feet high or 263 cubic feet each.