With Callahan Brothers as your moving partner, your transferee will be a more settled and productive employee.

If your company pays for the relocations of five or more employees per year, you should consider speaking with a Callahan Account specialist about tailoring a transportation agreement that suits the needs of your organization. Because corporate relocations are what we do best, we will be able to walk you through the process of creating a corporate relocation policy that clearly defines the guidelines for your relocating employees, keeping your budget in mind.
Having a Transportation Agreement with Callahan Brothers allows you the opportunity to streamline the process of getting your valued employees and their families to their new location. We understand that we are not just moving furniture and boxes, but people making major changes in their lives. They are your new or transferring employees, and they need absolute assurance of a smooth transition to their new home and place of work. When this happens, you’ll have a happier and more productive employee.

The cost to have a Transportation Agreement with Callahan Brothers is simply your wise investment of time to meet with our representative, who will create the right agreement for your company. We will be able to offer discounted rates on transportation, packing and storage services. We will assign an account coordinator who will be your single source for all communications with Callahan Brothers on all moves. We will audit all written documentation for accuracy before creating a final invoice for all moves.

With Callahan Brothers as your moving partner, your transferee will be a more settled and productive employee. It is not unusual to hear a transferee state that Callahan was the most delightful part of the relocation process.

National Account Coordination

Each transferee is assigned a single point of contact. A Callahan team of customer service specialists is available to assist your transferee 24/7. Our clients tell us that a key component to the move process is to have unlimited access to a group of experts versed in all facets of move management. Our job is to understand your corporate culture. We act as an extension of your company to best serve your transferees. We become experts at your moving policies and work to pleasantly implement your move policies and create a satisfactory experience for your transferees.

Precision Planning

Callahan hauls 100% of our moves. We do NOT interline our business to other agents or carriers. We are 100% committed to provide the highest quality of service to exceed your expectations. Guaranteed.

Our precision planning and delivery system enables us to pack and haul each move with our substantial roving fleet and/or dispatch a crew from one of our core service centers. This enables us to provide superior services within our agreed upon pricing structure. The result is providing all of our customers the highest quality of service without breaking the bank or your budget.

Packing and Home Protection

As an executive mover, our crews are trained and equipped to exceed the industry standard of providing care to your home. Prior to entering your home, our home safety initiatives require that floors are covered, carpeted stairwells are covered by carpet shield, door jams are protected, and banisters are padded.

Of course we pad and wrap all your furniture and paper pad and shrink-wrap your over-stuffed furniture while it is still in your home. We go beyond just carefully packing, and delivering your valuables. We protect your homes, to the highest level possible.

Auditing and Invoicing

In the moving industry, many customers utilize an outside consulting firm to review and audit a carrier’s invoice. In reality this is a post move audit resulting in time delays and additional costs.

Accuracy is critical to our business and our customers. We post audit 100% of our moves. A billing specialist performs an inventory account audit to validate the weight of the shipment from each inventory against the drivers count for validation. Any discrepancies discovered are adjusted immediately. When you receive a Callahan invoice, 100% of the charges are audited, accurate and authorized. Guaranteed.

Quality Management

Quality Control is critical to our business and to our customers. Callahan’s policies are proactive and have been proven successful. The key to successful and effective quality control management is effective training, monitoring, process management and timeliness. Our quality management provides the customer with an exact and clear sequence of events designed to provide necessary information and resolve issues with accuracy and timeliness. The mitigation of stress, anxiety and worry is the difference between a delightful move and a mediocre move. Our ability to promptly resolve any issues, which might arise, is reflected by our high satisfaction on all moves. Our goal is customer goodwill that results in long lasting relationships.