Interstate Moving

As an independent, licensed 48-state carrier, Callahan Brothers is strategically positioned throughout the U.S., capable of loading and delivering to all points with guaranteed dates.

The cost to make an interstate move is based on the weight of your load, and the distance to your new home, determined by zip codes. The moving truck is weighed before and after your belongings have been loaded to determine the actual weight used to calculate final charges.

Upon contacting Callahan Brothers, a moving consultant will help by estimating the weight of your load, and by creating a cost-effective move plan that includes the size of the truck needed, the best logistics, equipment and pricing.


Transportation includes padding, loading, transporting, inside delivery and reassembly of your belongings. The cost to make an interstate move is based on the weight of your belongings and the distance they travel (determined by zip codes). The shipment weight is determined by weighing the moving van before and after loading.

The difference between the tare weight and gross weight determines the net weight of your belongings, and is used to calculate your final charges.

Callahan welcomes you to view the weighting of your moving truck at origin because this eliminates any question over the net weight of your load, and the need for a re-weight at destination.


Prior to moving your shipment from your home, our driver will prepare a descriptive inventory of your belongings. Small numbered tags are placed on every item to be moved by the driver, who is assigned to your move. The driver will also make notes concerning the physical description of each piece (describing the pre-existing condition and damage, if any). On delivery, it is your responsibility to check off every item on the list to be sure that you have received everything that you shipped. Please note any exceptions to the inventory prior to the driver leaving your home.

If there are any high value items in your shipment (considered to have a value greater than $100.00 per pound), you must declare those items and list them on a separate High Value Inventory form prior to the move.


A successful relocation requires a commitment to the process from both mover and customer alike. It is important to be present on the days of packing, loading and delivery. All small things that fit into boxes need to be packed before the start of the move. You may choose to do your own packing, or have the movers pack for you. The cost for movers to pack is on a per-box basis (a combination of material and labor).

Callahan Brothers is experienced at professionally securing and packing valuable and delicate items. We strongly recommend that if your company’s move policy or your budget allows, that a professional mover pack your items. Our skilled crews do a professional job of getting your household goods ready for moving.

The pack and load crew assigned to your move will provide boxes and will often have more than one packer at your home during the packing.

About Callahan Brothers
Packing made easy

A successful relocation

To make this process easier, we recommend that you prepare in the following way:

  • Check the contents of drawers, removing all spillables and breakables.
  • It is important to remove all jewelry, coins, or personal items from your drawers.
  • Empty fluids from all small appliances.
  • Defrost and clean the refrigerators and freezers so they dry at least 24 hours before the movers arrive. Failure to have the appliances completely dry can lead to mildew throughout your shipment.
  • Leave all kitchen items in their cabinets. It is easier for the packers to remove and pack them from normal storage areas.
  • Detach items you plan to move which are mounted to the walls such as curtain rods, TV brackets, light fixtures, etc. Your moving team will remove mirrors and pictures from the wall when they are ready to pack.
  • Designate one area as off limits. Put all the items that you will be carrying personally in that area.
DIY considerations

Packing yourself

If you’re planning on doing your own packing, here are some things to keep in mind:

If you choose to do your own packing, it is important that you know that movers’ cannot be held responsible for damage inside boxes that you have packed.

Heavy things like books and canned goods should be packed into smaller boxes, while larger boxes can be used to pack lighter things like clothing and towels. If you choose to do your own packing, it is important that you use appropriate material and packing techniques in order to protect your goods in transit. Be sure to clearly mark the boxes that contain fragile items. Each box should be labeled with the name of the room that you’d like them to be placed in your new home. This helps to speed up the delivery, and makes the unpacking process easier for you.

Items Too Dangerous To Ship

For everyone’s protection, it is important to know the items that are too dangerous to carry due to the potential of fire or explosion. Some of these items include: aerosol cans, explosives, flammable items, hazardous chemicals, matches, open liquids, paint, perishables, pressurized cans, thinners, turpentine and bleach.

Industry tariff and Cargo Protection Plans explicitly state that jewelry, cash, stamps, and coins are not covered. Therefore we recommend that you carry your valuables. Callahan is happy to carry these items for you once a valuables declaration form is completed and signed.

Valuation (Cargo Protection Plan)

Valuation is the term used when referring to the level of cargo protection you choose in the event of any loss and/or damage. Callahan offers two options, Full (Replacement) Value Protection or Released Value of 60 cents per pound per article. Your preferred cargo protection plan must be confirmed prior to move date. Valuation is not insurance and is provided by the motor carrier under the terms of your bill of lading and the carriers’ tariff.

Full Value Protection entitles the carrier to repair, replace, or reimburse you for loss or damage based on the replacement value of the damaged article. A minimum value of $6.00 per pound is required to purchase Full Value Protection. You should declare value to a level that is appropriate for your household goods. You cannot undervalue your shipment. Full Value Protection is the preferred choice among our valued customers. All items valued at greater than $100 per pound must be declared and listed on a separate high value inventory form prior to loading.

Basic liability is at no cost to the client, and is limited to 60 cents per pound, per article. These types of claims will be settled monetarily. Be advised that this protection is minimal, and therefore not adequate for most household furnishings. For additional coverage we suggest you obtain “Full Value Protection”.

Free In-Home Estimate

In-home surveys are the best way to get an accurate estimate of the cost of your move. By inventorying what you’d like to have packed and moved, our moving consultant will be able to print a detailed estimate.
Click Here to Schedule an Appointment!

Email estimates are a quick way to get a rough idea of what your move may cost. If you are interested in receiving an email estimate, please send the following information to


Number of rooms in the home


Who will be packing boxes (movers or you)


Origin and destination cities with zip codes


An accurate list of all furniture being shipped


Approximate move date(s)


A conservative estimate of the number of cartons being shipped

Additional Services

Additional services are available for your convenience. These services will complete your move in a professional, efficient and safe manner.

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Crafting (artwork, oversized glass tops, marble tops, etc.)

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Extra stop-offs

Third-Party Services

Callahan Brothers can also arrange for the following third party services:

  • Appliance servicing
  • Computer hook ups/installation
  • Purging and removal of designated items
  • Professional organizing services
  • House cleaning services
  • Dismantling and set up services (pool tables, grandfather clocks, fitness equipment, etc.)

Payment Terms

$100.00 deposit will secure your moving date(s). The balance is due upon our arrival at your new home in certified check, cash or money order.
For your convenience, Callahan Brothers accepts all major credit cards in lieu of certified check or cash. Pre-payment of the estimated costs will be charged one to five days prior to your loading date. Once final charges have been calculated, your credit card will be adjusted.


Book Your Move

Please book your move with Callahan by calling 203-869-2239 as far ahead as possible, in order to obtain the optimum moving dates that you require. Callahan guarantees its customers the elite, quality service that they have come to expect and will not over book.
May through September are the busiest months for moving. The last weeks of each month are the busiest weeks since this is when the most house closings occur and leases expire. Upon booking your move, you will be assured your dates and crew has been reserved. You may change your dates after you’ve booked, as long as there is availability on the new dates that you’ve selected.

We are happy to take short notice moves and have the capacity to provide excellent service even with same day notice. Callahan is flexible and accommodating, but recommends booking your move at least seven days prior to move date. This puts us in a position to provide you with a delightful experience.

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