International Relocation

The Callahan Brothers team will provide the same high level of service for move management, packing, loading and electronic monitoring as in our continental U.S. moves.

Callahan helps handle your customs clearances, import/export regulations and consular requirements wherever you need us. With industry leading forwarders and representatives in more than 100 countries, we have the technology necessary to handle your global move.

A Callahan consultant will visit to determine your specific moving needs and have the price quote back to you within 3-5 business days. International quotes do take longer to prepare than domestic quotes, as Callahan consultants must work with international forwarders, coordinate with air and/or sea freight carriers, work with individual country requirements and coordinate with our overseas networked agents.

Callahan Brothers Customer Service team will work with you to make sure every phase of the move, from pack and load until final delivery, is handled with the highest level of service, assuring your total satisfaction.


High Value Inventory

In order to protect your special belongings, Callahan Brothers developed specific procedures for preparing and shipping high value items. Items are considered to be “high value” if their value exceeds $100 per pound per article. Some items typically considered to be “high value” include jewelry, furs, antiques, silverware, crystal, art, oriental rugs, tapestries, collectibles, and some computer software. We strongly recommend that you move diamonds, gold, silver, and other small valuables yourself. A carrier is in no way responsible for cash.

If there are any high value items in your shipment, you must declare those items separately on our “High Value Inventory” form. This will ensure that you are not limited to the maximum liability restriction of $100 per pound per article.

If you are doing your own packing, do not seal any cartons containing high volume items. In order to ensure maximum coverage for you, the driver must be able to verify all your high value items. On your moving day, the driver will seal the carton and assign an inventory number in your presence. DO NOT WRITE ON CARTONS THAT CONTAIN VALUABLES.

It is imperative to understand the valuation option you select for your shipment will determine the method you use in claim settlement. Claims are still settled based on the type of valuation selected and on the merit of the claim being transit related. Strict adherence to the inventory process described above will determine whether a claim has occurred. It is important to note that verification of ownership and proof of value will be required for “high value” articles prior to settlement. If you do not have proof of value, we strongly recommend that you obtain an appraisal for these items prior to moving. These appraisals can also be important for your Homeowner’s insurance policy.

When articles of extraordinary value in your shipment are not in the High Value Form, the maximum carrier’s liability is limited to $100 per pound per article provided the shipments was released at a value greater than 60 cents per pound per article. Shipments for which the declared value is 60 cents per pound per article are not covered by this provision.


Firearms Inventory

Callahan requires a Special Firearms Inventory Control form be completed prior to transportation. Any firearms transported must be:

– Unloaded and disarmed by customers

– Inventoried by you before the driver arrives

– Consolidated into a safe area, packed by the driver only and loaded in a designated area in our van

The firearm package will be unpacked in your presence at the destination and you will be asked to authorize a sign off on the Inventory Control Form. Please contact your move coordinator if you have any questions regarding this form or procedure.

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