Regardless if you are moving across town or across the world, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Callahan believes in a more consultative approach. We will ensure that you have all the information and clarity necessary to make your move flawless and comfortable.


Moving to another home within one state is considered a local, or intrastate move. The cost to make a local/intrastate move may be based on the time it takes to load and deliver, or by the weight of your load.


The cost to make an interstate move is based on the weight of your load, and the distance to your new home, determined by zip codes. The moving truck is weighed before and after your belongings have been loaded to determine the actual weight used to calculate final charges.

International Relocation

The Callahan Brothers team will provide the same high level of service for move management, packing, loading and electronic monitoring as in our continental U.S. moves. Callahan helps handle your customs clearances, import/export regulations and consular requirements wherever you need us.